Here’s the Table Of Contents:

    1. Your Basic Sound
      Saw and Pulse Waveforms
      Pulse Width
      Quiz 1
      On Your Own 1 (how to apply what you’ve learned to other synths)

    2. Brightness
      Low Pass Filter
      Cutoff and Main Volume
      Quiz 2
      Group 1 (recreate patches utilizing all controls learned so far)
      Quiz 3
      On Your Own 2

    3. Volume, Press and Release
      Amp Envelope Attack
      Amp Envelope Release
      Quiz 4
      Group 2
      On Your Own 3

    4. Expanding Your Basic Sound
      Doubling and Transposing (Part 1)
      Doubling and Transposing (Part 2)
      Doubling and Transposing (Part 3)
      Quiz 5
      Group 3
      Quiz 6
      On Your Own 4

    5. Brightness, Press and Release
      Filter Envelope
      Filter Envelope Attack
      Filter Envelope Release
      Filter Envelope Attack and Release
      Quiz 7
      Filter and Amp Envelopes
      Quiz 8
      Group 4
      On Your Own 5

    6. Echos
      Delay Time
      Delay Feedback
      Delay Spread
      Quiz 9
      Group 5
      On Your Own 6

    7. Changing Volume While Holding
      Amp Envelope Sustain
      Amp Envelope Decay
      Quiz 10
      Full Amp Envelope
      Group 6
      On Your Own 7

    8. Smearing and Pulsating
      Doubling and Detuning (Part 1)
      Doubling and Detuning (Part 2)
      Doubling and Detuning (Part 3)
      Quiz 11
      Group 7
      Quiz 12
      On Your Own 8

    9. Changing Brightness While Holding
      Filter Envelope Decay and Sustain
      Quiz 13
      Full Filter Envelope
      Filter and Amp Envelopes
      Group 8
      On Your Own 9

    10. Bottom End
      Sub Oscillator (Part 1)
      Sub Oscillator (Part 2)
      Sub Oscillator (Part 3)
      Sub Oscillator (Part 4)
      Quiz 14
      Group 9
      Quiz 15
      On Your Own 10

    11. Repeating Movement
      LFO Destination
      LFO Amount
      LFO Waveform
      LFO Rate
      Quiz 16
      Group 10
      On Your Own 11

    12. Point
      Filter Resonance
      Filter Resonance and Envelope
      Filter Resonance and LFO
      Quiz 17
      Group 11
      On Your Own 12

    13. So Many Notes!
      Mono and Poly Voice Modes
      Poly Mode and Amp Release
      Quiz 18
      Group 12
      On Your Own 13

    14. Bigger Is Better
      Unison Detune
      Unison Spread
      Unison and Multiple Oscillators
      Quiz 19
      Group 13
      On Your Own 14

    15. Putting Your Sound in a Room
      Reverb Size
      Reverb Mix and Size
      Group 14
      Quiz 20
      On Your Own 15

    16. Smooth and Connected
      Legato Voice Mode
      Portamento and Legato Mode
      Quiz 21
      Group 15
      On Your Own 16

    17. Expanding Your Palete
      Triangle Waveform
      Mixing the Triangle Waveform
      Quiz 22
      Triangle and Filter Cutoff
      Group 16
      On Your Own 17

    18. Smearing, Pulsating and Widening
      Chorus Rate
      Group 17
      Types of Pulsation
      Quiz 23
      On Your Own 18

    19. Changing Pitch Over Time
      Mod Envelope
      Mod Envelope Amount
      Group 18
      Quiz 24
      On Your Own 19

    20. Grinding Your Sound
      Oscillator Sync
      Oscillator Sync and Mod Envelope
      Oscillator Sync and LFO
      Quiz 25
      Group 19
      On Your Own 20

    21. Cutting Lows and Highs
      High Pass Filter
      Band Pass Filter
      All Filter Types
      Filter Types and Resonance
      Quiz 26
      Group 20
      On Your Own 21

    22. Making Your Sound Metallic
      FM Tuning
      FM Amount and Tuning
      FM and Mod Envelope
      Quiz 27
      Group 21
      On Your Own 22

    23. Noise
      Layering Noise
      Quiz 28
      Group 22
      On Your Own 23

    24. Highs and Lows Over Time
      High Pass Filter Envelope
      Band Pass Filter Envelope
      All Filter Envelope Types
      Quiz 29
      Group 23
      On Your Own 24

    25. Dirtying Up Your Sound
      Distortion and Oscillators
      Quiz 30
      Distortion and Filter Envelope
      Group 24
      On Your Own 25

    26. A Different Kind of Metallic
      Ring Mod
      Ring Mod and Waveforms
      Quiz 31
      Group 25
      Quiz 32
      On Your Own 26

    27. Trippy Swirl
      Phaser Mix
      Phaser Feedback
      Phaser Mix and Feedback
      Quiz 33
      Group 26
      On Your Own 27

    28. Repeating with More Control
      LFO Trigger
      LFO in Poly Mode
      Quiz 34
      Group 27
      On Your Own 28

    29. The Mod Wheel
      Mod Wheel and Cutoff
      Mod Wheel and Resonance
      Mod Wheel and LFO Amount
      Mod Wheel and LFO Rate
      Quiz 35
      Group 28
      On Your Own 29

    30. Balancing Brightness
      Key Tracking
      Key Tracking and Filter Type
      Key Tracking and Self-Oscillation
      Quiz 36
      Group 29
      On Your Own 30

    31. How Hard You Hit The Key
      Velocity and Volume
      Velocity and Cutoff
      Velocity and Filter Envelope
      Quiz 37
      Group 30
      On Your Own 31

    32. The Pitch Wheel
      Pitch Bend Range
      Group 31
      On Your Own 32

    33. Final Challenges
      Final Challenge 1
      Final Challenge 2
      Final Challenge 3
      Final Challenge 4
      On Your Own 33