Syntorial is DEFINITELY for beginner and intermediate users, and POSSIBLY for advanced users.
  • Beginners: Syntorial starts from the very beginning so you don’t need prior experience. And it’s thorough so you’ll acquire a full set of synth programming skills, enabling you to design a wide variety of your own sounds.
  • Intermediate: Syntorial is thorough, so it will fill any gaps you may have in your understanding. But more importantly, Syntorial is an EAR TRAINING TOOL. So you may know a fair amount about synthesis, but that doesn’t mean you can take the sounds you hear in your head and translate them to a synth. Syntorial will give you that ability.
  • Advanced: You probably know most of the technical stuff Syntorial covers. But, like I just told the Intermediates, Syntorial is an EAR TRAINING TOOL, so your ear may not be as strong as you think.
In any case, try the demo. It comes with the first 22 lessons, and will give you a better idea of what to expect. And try out the fully enabled synth to see what parameters will be covered.